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Exterior View
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The Sabetha Health and Wellness group was organized in 2008 with the purpose of researching, promoting, securing funding, and successfully operating a new fitness center. The purpose of a new fitness center would not only provide the means for creating a healthy lifestyle for its patrons, but also serve as a tool for promoting Sabetha as a progressive and proactive community for people considering a move to this community.


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ThermometerThe location of this new facility will be at the current location of the Midtown building at 1st & Main. After consulting with a structural engineer about the feasibility of a partial demolition, the decision was made to totally demolish the current Midtown building and build a new facility in its place.

The fundraising goal has been set at $3.o million, which will provide for construction as well as furnishing of equipment for the facility. As of October 2016, approximately $2.2 million has been pledged or donated. Construction will not begin until the goal has been reached.

The fitness center will include a gymnasium, workout facilities, indoor walking track, multi-purpose room for fitness or exercise classes, locker rooms, foyer and administrative offices. One long term goal is to add an indoor pool approximately 30' x 60', "Endless Pools" for rehabilitation and specific aquatic training (conditioning and speed swimming) and "wet" locker rooms.

The Boy Scout room located to the east of the existing Midtown building will not be a part of the demolition or reconstruction process for the new fitness center. Boy Scout Troop 77 will retain rights and priviledges granted to them by the City of Sabetha.

All images shown on this website are considered preliminary.

(Architect's rendering of front of building will be published when it becomes available)

Goals of this Facility